Muir Beach

Welcome to Muir Beach

California's most tranquil and breathtaking beach
Muir Beach is a lagoon, cove, and beach nestled on California's coastline close to Muir Woods. The beach is best known for its pristine environment and stunning coastal scenery. The area has a multi-use trail that allows you to enjoy breathtaking vistas of Marin's coastline.
The history of Muir Beach as a popular tourist destination dates back to 1919 when investors built the first hotel and summer cabins. Bungalows constitute the predominant home architecture in the community. Residents and tourists can use a pedestrian bridge to move between Kaashi Way, Muir Beach, and the multi-use trail.

What to Love

  • Breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Access to wide-ranging amenities
  • Daytime walks on the multi-use trail
  • Historic observation posts and base-end stations

Local Lifestyle

This scenic, coastal community offers peace and seclusion — if that’s what you seek! There are plenty of opportunities for those looking for more things to do in nearby neighborhoods. With just a few hundred residents, this community is as small-town as it gets, but in the very best ways. Residents enjoy their relaxing days along the beach or on the water, and you can guarantee the staff at the local restaurant's will
know you by name (and remember your order!)

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Muir Beach gives locals and tourists a broad range of dining, entertainment, and shopping options. Pier Market is a high-end seafood market that serves authentic seafood dishes. The restaurant's rich menu features mesquite-grilled fish, clam chowder, grilled meat, pasta, and Dungeness crab.
Pizza D'Angelo is a chic restaurant that serves authentic Italian cuisine in Muir Beach. The restaurant serves locally-sourced, fresh, unassuming delicious food. You can also enjoy the restaurant's signature tiramisu, fresh fish, and hand-selected meats. Piazza D'Angelo also serves numerous wine varieties sourced from California and southern Italy.
Buckeye Roadhouse in Muir Beach enables you to experience typical Californian fine dining. The upscale restaurant beautifully intertwines contemporary and classic American cuisine. The establishment's gorgeous interior gives you and your family a warm ambiance.
When you visit Buckeye Roadhouse, you can choose any one of the multiple cocktails and wine varieties. You can also enjoy mouthwatering favorites such as Oysters Bingo, dessert, and S'more Pie. The restaurant also allows you to reserve and hold private events in a stylish atmosphere.
Strawberry Village is a high-end shopping center near Muir Beach. The charming shopping destination features a distinctive mix of leisurely open-air dining, daily services, boutiques, and specialty shops. You can
easily access it from the highway, allowing you to fit shopping into your busy schedule.

Things to Do

Muir Beach has wide-ranging local attractions, services, and festivals that make the community unique. The Golden Gate National Recreational Area's tranquility allows you and your friends or family to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The park has numerous sites and resources to enjoy, including historical prisons, redwood forests, shipwrecks, seaside recreational facilities, and lighthouses.
Mt Tamalpais State Park is a great place to hang out with friends and family whenever you visit Muir Beach. The park offers opportunities for various activities, including hiking, bike riding, and camping. You can also enjoy picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge.
The Marin Arts Festival is an important annual event in the Muir Beach neighborhood. The 2-day festival attracts spectators, art lovers, sculptors, and wood carvers. You can expect to find exhibits at the event, including sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and clothing.
The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival offers a non-commercial, warm and local experience to spectators in Muir Beach and its surroundings. The festival attracts storytellers, artists, puppeteers, and artisans. The annual event caters to individuals of all age groups by hosting wide-ranging performances and showcasing different exhibits.


The Tamalpais Union High District serves Muir Beach. Notable public and private schools in the district that benefit the community include:

  • Redwood High School, Ranked 1st in Tamalpais Union High District
  • Tamalpais High School, Ranked 2nd in Tamalpais Union High District
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